There are so many benefits with being a member of FIAA

I have been a member of the FIAA for 19 years, in this time I have experienced and watched the organisation grow every year in their professionalism and expertise in dealing with any matters I require assistance in.

There are so many benefits  with being a member of the FIAA, a few in particular are award wage information and allowances.  This is vital to me with, the comfort knowing that at any time a staff member of the organisation can assist and make me feel at ease when  I have a query regarding wage structures.

I have experienced this recently, and being able to call the organisation to provide the knowledge, understanding and re-assurance I required to help me through this time was just fantastic.  I could not have done it on my own.

The standard of  service the FIAA  has provided has improved every year I have been with organisation, I believe now they are an A class organisation, providing all members with loads of information and support. 

I have a wonderful rapport with the FIAA and are truly grateful for all the help they have  provided me over the years.

LIz Schofield
Allnew Kitchens

It’s great to have the support and knowledge the FIAA provide

I recently implemented new policies within our organisation and sought advice and guidance from FIAA.  Their dedication and commitment to getting us on track superseded all expectations. 

As a manufacturer in today's market, it’s difficult enough trying to run a business and tackle everyday issues with staff and clients.  It’s great to have the support and knowledge the FIAA provide.

I would highly recommend the FIAA, their service to our business is invaluable.

Maria Di Sisto
Rosebery Furniture Manufacturing

I can confidently recommend FIAA

I have dealt with FIAA since 2000 during which time they have provided my business with excellent support in the areas of IR/HR/Legal advice, Wage and Awards Information, OHS, reviewing all business policies, and in-house training for new apprentices which has been well received by our company.

I have always found FIAA staff members very helpful and able to respond quickly and efficiently with any information request that I have needed.

I can confidently recommend FIAA as a solid and reliable business and experts in their field of workplace business management.

Richard Curley/ Deborah Simpson
DEBRICH Custom Joinery

You guys are fantastic

I jost logged into the website and was amazed by all of the documents that were at my disposal.  You guys are fantastic. This should certainly make running my business more efficient.

Natalie Saliba

Gallery Co