Earlier this year a reformed NSW workers compensation schedule was set up with iCare now administrating the nominal isurer for workers compensation insurance in NSW. This means your policy renewal will now be processed by iCare directly rather than your Scheme Agent.

Why is your policy being transferred to iCare?

iCare is here to make the Scheme fairer, more sustainable and focused on the evolving current and future needs of their customers. iCare is short for insurance and care NSW. They are a new organisation created by the NSW Government to deliver the State’s insurance and care schemes.

iCare are making a number of changes to the way your policy and your claims are managed. As part of these changes iCare is transitioning all remaining NSW workers insurance policies to iCare, commencing 1 November 2017. Once transitioned, iCare will manage all policy-related enquiries.

Will there be any changes to way your insurance premium is calculated?

There will be no changes to the way your iCare workers insurance premium is calculated.

Will there be any change to my payment option or payment details? 

No. Your current payment method, frequency and payment details will continue as normal.

Do I need to do anything once my policy is transferred to iCare?

No. You’ll receive further communication from iCare closer to your policy renewal.

Who can I contact?

If you have any questions contact iCare on 13 44 22 between 7am and 7pm or click here for further information.