Introducing our new Online Pre-enrolment Process

We thank you for choosing FIAA as your preferred training provider. Due to increasing student numbers over the past couple of years we have decided to modernise our pre-enrolment and induction procedure by introducing online enrolments, to help ensure the efficient and accurate signing-up of new students.

What has changed?

Online Application Form

FIAA now has an Online Student Application for Enrolment which will make enrolling into their course easier and faster for your apprentice.

Once FIAA has received the Training Plan Proposal (TPP) from the Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) your apprentice will be sent an Application for enrolment email with a link to the Online Application form.


Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment

Following the Online Application your apprentice will receive an email to an online literacy and numeracy test which will assist FIAA to identify your learners’ needs prior to the commencement of their training.

Intake Calendar

In order for our team to schedule the commencement of your apprentices we are now introducing an intake schedule. This means that once the pre-enrolment process is complete and invoices are finalised your apprentice will be placed into the next intake period and their induction will be scheduled following the intake start date. Please be advised that if the pre-enrolment process is not finalised prior to 10 days before the next intake start date your student may be placed into the following intake, this will depend on student numbers and Trainer/Assessor availability for that period.

Have you signed up your apprentice recently?

If your apprentice is currently going through the pre-enrolment process and will be due to commence training soon, the next intake commencement date is 6th November. If your pre-enrolment forms, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment and Invoice is finalised prior to 23rd October your apprentices training will be allocated to the November Intake. Please understand that there is high volume of processing in the office prior to commencement of training.

For more information and a step-by-step guide on the new process and to view the intake calendar please see the HOW TO APPLY page.

We ask you kindly to be patient with our staff as the introduction and rollout of this new system proceeds. There are many system changes behind the scenes and we are going through trialling processes for these new systems to make them as easy to use as possible for all parties involved.

If you have any questions regarding this process please feel free to contact the office on (02) 4340 2000 or at