FIAA have updated our Kitchen Contracts for NSW to include an asbestos clause. The clause was created in response to members who are coming across asbestos on the job, but have no reference to what happens if asbestos is identified written into their contracts.

Members who have purchased a Kitchen Contract previously will be able to request a complimentary updated contract to include the asbestos clause.

To receive your updated contract please email Monique or phone 1300 FIAA 4U and we will email you the updated contract relevant to your previous purchase. (only available for previously purchased contracts)

All kitchen contracts can be purchased at a discounted rate for members by logging onto the FIAA Website as a member and going to the Resources Tab then Agreements/Contracts Tab. (make sure you are logged in as a member to receive the discounted rate).

FIAA Kitchen Contracts can be purchased as a one off cost with no requirment to purchase a new contrat for each new job.

If you would like to know more about the many FIAA Membership benefits and services please contact our office on 1300 FIAA 4U and a FIAA repesentative will be happy to answer any inquiries you may have.