Funding & Incentives

The Federal Government and each individual State Government have a range of incentives & funding available to workers undertaking apprenticeships & traineeships – These vary according to your specific situation, location and /or qualification.

For further details please refer to the links below

Australian Government Incentives

Your local AASN Australian Apprenticeship Support Network can provide further assistance in this area.


FIAA Fees & Refund Policy


  • All participants will receive an invoice for training prior to commencement of training
  • Payment will be required in full before training will commence.
  • Enrolments fees are charged on a semester basis and will be required prior to the semester enrolment date outlined on the invoice issued.
  • Non Payment of fees by the due date for continuing enrolments will result in Suspension of training. All parties will be notified in writing of Suspension. Once payment has been finalised your assessor will be notified to recommence training.
  • Recommencement Fee will also be charged for any Suspended Training to cover the administration costs.
  • SOA or Certificates will not be issued if training fees are outstanding.
  • Fee for service students must refer to their FIAA Training Contract for yearly training costs and payment schedule.
  • All FIAA Accredited Courses are GST exempt.
  • Exemptions - Under the “FIAA Traineeship & Apprenticeship Funded Training Programs” exemptions may apply to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Student Resource Fee

Student resources will be available through FIAA’s online Learn Centre.

Students will be provided with an individual logon and will be able to access their student Learner Resources and Assessment Workbooks on-line at any time.

This new online learning environment will also allow students to submit their Assessment Workbooks and Portfolios / Projects on completion ready for assessment by their FIAA Assessor.


DEFAULT OPTION: Online Resources – Free of charge

Students will automatically receive Online Resources unless Printed / Mailed Resources has been selected below.

Upon confirmation of enrolment, students will be able to access both Learner Resources and Assessment Workbooks via FIAA Learn Centre using their individual login details.


ALTERNATE OPTION: Printed / Mailed Resources – $110 per year

Printed Resources will be sent to students prior to assessment visits.  If students wish to utilise this option a Resource Fee will be administered per year to cover the cost of delivery charges.

**Prior to commencing enrolment for the year, students will be asked to nominate their preferred options.


FIAA may issue a refund (Less administration charge) if:

  • If you provide FIAA with written notification that you wish to withdraw from training before the Induction / Training Commencement, less the Administration Fee.
  • When Student is unable to attend due to extended hospitalisation/ prolonged illness (more than 6weeks) / pregnancy / childbirth. (Medical certificate may be required).
  • You made a full-year payment and withdrew with no attendance or participation in training in Semester Two. You may be eligible for a refund of the Semester 2, dependant on the amount of training undertaken during Semester 1 (Fee for Service Students).
  • You enrolled in a course that has been cancelled by FIAA

FIAA will NOT issue a refund if:

  • There are changes to work hours
  • Moving interstate
  • Job change or retrenchment
  • Student who leave before full course completion

How to apply for a Refund:

  • You will be required to complete a “FIAA Withdrawal from Training Form”.
  • On approval of application, the reimbursement procedure may take up to 28 days.
  • This will also incur a “Refund Administration Fee” to cover administration costs. 

Training General Information & Forms:


  • Fees are due at the commencement of each semester.
  • Fees below are current for 2016 only
  • Please note FIAA charge a semester fee to ensure we do not exceed the $1500 yearly threshold for student enrolment fees.
NSW Apprentices & Trainees  (Smart & Skilled)    
Certificate 2    
MSF20313 Certificate II in Furniture Making   Click here for fee calculator
Certificate 3    
MSF31113  Certificate III in Cabinetmaking   Click here for fee calculator
MSF30213 Certificate III in Furniture Making   Click here for fee calculator
SA Apprentices & Trainees (Funded)   Year 1 - $0
    Year 2-4 - $500 per year of enrolment
ACT Apprentice & Trainees (Funded)   Year 1 - $350
    Year 2-4 - $600 per year of enrolment
Fee For Services Training   POA
Student Resource Fee (Printed)   $110 (per year)
Student Resource Fee (On-Line)    $0 (per year)


**The fees listed are only current for 2016 and will be reviewed in December 2016. The 2017 fees will be made available on the 1st January 2017 in line with government requirements for training.

Enrolment Fees are due at the commencement of each semester.



Recommencement Fee (Suspended Training)         $100
Administration Fee (Refund & Cancellation)   $100
Re-Issue Certificate / SOA   $55